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We work to provide as many resources as possible to help people with disabilities explore their entrepreneurial potential

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Supporting education and innovation.

En-ABLE-ing Entrepreneurs (EE) was founded in 2016 as part of Illinois Enactus. EE partnered with the Developmental Services Center in Champaign, Illinois and began working with three individuals to develop a business. The three adults—who had known each other for over five years—worked with EE to develop a business idea they would enjoy and benefit the community. The resulting business was Got You Covered, a custom t-shirt printing business that aims to sell custom apparel to students on the University of Illinois campus.


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Got You Covered

Carrie, Dianna, and Scott are using their creativity to provide custom apparel for organizations throughout Champaign, IL. They work together to manage the finances, operations, and the sale of their customized t-shirts.